Lace Braid Up-Do Tutorial

Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog, I have another hair tutorial and this time is with the lace braid and a lace braid is a half French braid where you only add hair from one side start by parting your hair down the middle and separate your hair into two sections and secure the one side that you won’t be working on with an elastic to start the braid start by taking a section from the middle part of your hair and split into three parts like a regular braid begin by crossing over the left over the middle and then the right over the left take the last section and start grabbing hair from the hairline to the back only grab hair from the one side this is what makes this braid special you only grab hair from the one side instead of grabbing hairs from both one end to the other end like a French braid keep in mind to keep the hair tight as you braid we will go back in to loosen the hair later when there is no more hair to add finish off with a regular braid and secure those finish braids with a clear elastic and repeat with the other side this is what you should have when both sides are finished to pull apart these braids.

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I wanted to add more texture to my hair with that I’m going to use some dry shampoo by batiste and spray it right into the brains and wait like fifteen to thirty seconds before you start pulling while you wait go on your social media and catch up gently start pulling on the braid to make it bigger and loosen it up a bit to make it a little bit more Messier when pulling the back hair always hold the braids secure.

So you don’t accidentally pull out too much hair take one of the sections of the braid, I want my right section and bring that section over to your left, I actually like to tuck in the ends that are not braided underneath my braid and just secure it with a bobby pin, I like to use bobby pins that are close and color with my hair just to make it less noticeable do exactly the same thing to the other side bring it over tucking the ends and secure with a bobby pin. If for some reason some of the hairs are not working with me, I just go takes more bobby pins and secure them when I’m done securing my hair, I go back in and loosen up more of my braids and here’s the finished look my take on the lace braid super easy and the looks are really pretty. If you do try to recreate this look please tag me on my instagram at Malibu’s 0 9 and. If you liked this tutorial please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to my blog.

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