Laced Framed Ponytail Hairstyle

Hi guys, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Grace Caroline welcome to another week of Lauren boutique hairstyles today, I’m going to show you how to do a laced frame ponytail.

So let’s get started , I went ahead. And setting off the fun part of her hair. And I put the rest in a ponytail, I’m going to take a piece from the top here.

Laced Framed Ponytail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And split it in half then, I’m going to take a slice from up it up here on the side. And bring it here okay now go. And put this forward.

And, I’m going to add another slice on the top bring that over now, I’m going to take a slice here. And join it with this here. And bring this over then add another slice from the top.

And bring it over here together pick in another slice. And adding it here again slice pick up a piece this is all repeated until you’re finished with all this strength okay. I’m just going to do a couple of stitches.

And then, I’m going to put a clip to hold it in place, I’m going to work on the other side another slice thank you okay. I’m going to take a slice up here bring this over okay add another slice bring this over then taking a small slice here from from the ponytail, I’m going to add it with this here almost like a French braid, I’m going to continue doing this until, I run out of hair you forgot to mention that this the side of the ponytail will be your guide to stopping right here set of clothes far away this will be your guide right here last one a few stitches okay. I’m going to take the clips off here.

And, I’m going to come together this take an elastic band secure them in place. And separate them a little bit just pull them. And stretch them out a little okay.

And then you have the nice frame looking braid Snoopy’s out a little bit, I’m going to put a little hair accessory here young republic hairspray. And separate them a little bit. And there you have it hey thanks for reading we hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you want to see more of our tutorials click the buttons over here.

And the to box is here if you want to comment to our blog which we hope you do click the two hearts right here we look at you guys. And until next time learn it do it. And teach it to others bye guys.

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