Laced Rope Twist Ponytail Hairstyle

Hi guys welcome to our blog or do teach hairstyles. And, I’m Sarah this is my daughter Gracie hi guys. And today we’re going to show you a waist will Chris ponytail right after this, I’m going to start by putting a braid from the top half of her hair like a swear box.

Laced Rope Twist Ponytail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So you can you can just put it all the way up in a ponytail if you like if you don’t want the pony if you don’t want the French braid but a little French braid right here just put a little accent into your head into her hair alright can, I stop right here, I’m going to just finish with finish it off with a few stitches of the braid one down, I’m just going to put this in elastic band okay. So now, I’m going to take the sides here. And then, I’m gathering this all together you’re going to actually just leave it in a ponytail just like this.

And make it have the braid accent her hair. And just kind of leave it like this for a really quick hairstyle you don’t have much time. So now, I’m going to take my hook holder which, I have a tutorial on my quick tip that you can look at.

And we’re just going to wrap it around for added security, I put another hip hair band in her hair. So then it doesn’t fall down now you can pull these up a little bit just to have it pumped up. And stand out a little bit okay, I’m going from her ponytail down okay.

So now that you had the ponytail combed out here’s the fun part you take a slice on the top of the ponytail not too much just just enough to make your rope okay. So you’re going to split it down the middle got two strands you’re going to twist to the right both strands to the right now if you want to know how to do the rope twist, I have a tutorial on that, I’ll put it down in the link. And the description box below okay.

So what you’re going to do is you’re going to add a little piece to the side with this strand here you’re going to do the same thing here you’re going to add a little piece to the strip to both strands. And then you’re going to twist. And turn.

And you want to elevate it out towards you you don’t want to go down want to be elevated towards you. And this is going to be repeated all the way down to the end of the ponytail. So now, I’m at the bottom over here mom, I’m all done adding all the pieces to the sides, I’m going to take food elastic band.

And just secure it at the end right where a head already ended my last strands right here. So now you’re going to see it twisting a lot what you want to do is just pull to pull the hairs to the sides the hair on the side that you’ve added in to want to pull it. And what, I usually do is when, I find the right perfect look that, I want on our hair, I will go.

And take another elastic band. And, I’ll just shorten it out. And end it right there sometimes the ends doesn’t look as good.

I’ll just release this you, I’ll just tweak it up a little bit by pulling the size out once your hair gets dry beyond spaces look hollow. So just fix it to your desire, I actually like to put a live in in her hair just. So that it hides the elastic band you can use any kind of hair accessories one on the top total hairspray there’s the finish style thanks guys reading our tutorial comment to the link below if you want to see our last week’s tutorial click right here thanks for hanging out with us we would love to hear from you in the comments below what tutorial you want us to do next.

And if we choose you we’ll feature your comment in our tutorial check out our very first tutorial the nautical ropes right over here guys.

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