Last Minute Halloween Hair and Makeup Costume Tutorial

Today’s tutorial is for a last minute Halloween costume I wanted to come up with something that you could wear with cat ears but wasn’t like the same girly thing you always do I wanted something that reminded me of being like a superhero and maybe maybe a little bit edgier so this is what I came up with and I hope you guys enjoy so we’re going to start with the hair and I am doing this on straight hair so I started by applying some heat protectant and then just straightening my hair a little obviously my hair is already straight but I do have some wavy pieces so I went through a major those were extra extra straight and then we’re going to go ahead and pin back the sides to do that first one to go ahead and separate the top of your hair.

And go ahead and clip that out of the way then go ahead and separate the hair over your ears on either side I decided I wanted to mimic that kind of slicked back almost wet look that you see on like kendall Jenner and runways and so I decided to use some water on my roots and then add in a little bit of gel as a ‘s child I am a firm believer in the power of water plus gel to create a great slicked back look I like the kind of gelled slick look for this because it makes it more edgy but if it’s not your thing you can totally skip that once you have these gels go ahead and pull them back and secure it with an elastic now we’re going to slicked back the top so go ahead and let that top section down and spread sit with water at the roots then come back and add in some gel for a little bit of extra slickness once you had the roots gelled back go ahead and pin the hair on the sides to keep it in the back and throw on your cat ears and you are done.

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I turned this into a half updo that way it’s not just brushing it back with gel because that can fall throughout the night with this half updo your hair should stay in place all night long and now it’s on to the makeup now my camera deleted my eyeshadow portion of this but basically I just did a skin tone eye shadow across my lid some bronzer through the crease and a highlighter under my brow bone then I moved on to using some gel eyeliner and an angled brush I’m going to create a winged eyeliner by extending the line of my lower lid and then connecting the end of that line back to my eyelid therefore making a little triangle then you just have to fill in that triangle to create a wing and if you want you can extend it just a little bit farther then I’m just going to make a little thin line across the rest of my lid.

You can always do this thicker if you want but I kind of wanted a streamlined thin look for this liner now you’re just going to follow the line of your upper lid and extend it just a little bit once you’ve got that line go ahead and connect the point of that back to your lower lid and this creates another triangle then all you have to do is fill that in and you have your second kind of inner wing now you can stop here if you want but I’m going to keep going just a little bit I decided that I wanted to line a little tiny bit of the outer portion of my lower eyelid but I want to leave the center free of eyeliner so I’m going to smudge the end of that so you can’t tell where the liner ends and my eye begins then I’m just going to fill in the area between those two lines with the Urban Decay / I shadow in sin and this is going to add a little bit of sparkle and glamour but also open up the eyes a little bit so that this eye makeup doesn’t close them off at all.

I’m also adding it to my waterline then all that’s left is to add mascara and I’m using the benefit roller lash mascara now if you saw my orphan block post and you liked casillas eyeliner it’s the exact same as this I just did a line across the lower lid instead of doing the sparkles now I’m going to chisel out the face a little bit with hoola bronzer from benefit I’m just taking this through the hollows of my cheeks and up around my cheekbones a little bit and I wanted to get a kind of extreme contour with this one because I thought I went really well with the edge you look so I started by using kind of wiping motions to apply it in place and now I’m buffing it out to make sure that there’s no harsh lines and now it’s time for a little bit of Bush.

I’m using just a very slightly rosy glow from hourglass just a little bit over the apples of my cheeks then I wanted to really strobe the face out so I’m using champagne pop and a fluffy brush and I’m going to apply that right to the top of my cheekbones first by doing a wiping and then a buffing motion again to just really diffuse the light over my cheekbones and then I’m going to go in with an even brighter highlighter which is the mary lou manizer by the balm and i’m going to put that just at the highest points of my cheeks I saw this on nikkietutorials snapchat and uh it works it’s amazing my skin is like more glowy than ever before I love it and that’s it for my last minute Halloween tutorial I love this way of wearing cat ears because it’s different it’s edgier and at least for me it’s a break from the girly things that I’m kind of always doing and I get to wear this costume it feels strong and empowered and I think that’s amazing so I hope you guys like it too and I hope that you have a very safe and fun Halloween I will see you in my next post muah.

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