The Latest Call Of Duty Instalment

He Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin is the boss of Ghosts. So, who better to guide us through the latest Call Of Duty instalment?

With Battlefield 4 ready to unleash hell, Call Of Duty has a bloody big itch that needs scratching if it’s going to stand its record-breaking ground. Ghosts is Infinity Ward’s latest weapon. Modern Warfare 4 was the original plan,‚ Mark tells us, but it became obvious we wanted a different world in which to play – a post-apocalyptic world.‚ phenomenal to the point where we can’t put it in the game because nobody would believe it. It’s amazing how much more real life is beyond what we put together. you shoot the crap out of each other. Custom AI soldiers can be swapped out with real friends for quick-action co-op, with co-op and solo play there to test your squad’s mettle. Cranked is an alternative to Team Deathmatch, in which each kill gets you upgraded abilities. The snag is you also start a countdown, meaning you need to kill again before the timer hits zero, or you explode. Lovely.

One guy we spoke to was a member of Delta Force. He’d seen a ton of crazy stuff. He had one guy in his unit who’d lost a leg in an explosion. Because Delta Force is a little different, he was allowed to continue with one of those carbon-fibre blades that Paralympic athletes use. He saw him chase down a bad guy through an Afghan street. He was like, ‘You have to put that it the game.’ We didn’t, though – nobody would believe it.‚

It begins with most of the US in bits and there’s just you and your brother to defend what’s left. Oscar-winning writer Stephen Gaghan is one of the people taking care of the story, so even if your own flesh and blood lets you down, at least the script is in good hands. The weapons aren’t too shabby either, with 30 new guns and attachments for your back pocket. We talk to a lot of military guys who’ve been there, done that,‚ Mark adds. The stuff they tell us is

The introduction of Riley the dog has given things added bite, though. As well as featuring in the solo campaign, guard dogs are included in multiplayer strike packages, so they can watch your back, snack on bad-guy gullets and make sweet, sweet love to your shin. You can also call in sniper protection for your team aboard a controllable helicopter, but Riley will be your best friend in the field.

Multiplayer is the main battleground, with Squads mode likely to keep you and your comrades locked away for days on end while lust an ordinary day in Luton

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