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Fashion definitely becomes more about style and less about trends as you get older. Stay clear of anything that screams ‘cute' and ‘girly', such as puff sleeves, baby-doll smock tops or mini-dresses, or lots of ribbons or ruffles.

Even if you consider yourself to be in good shape and well toned, you should never show off your breasts and vast expanses of bare leg. Make a choice of either one or the other, never both in the same outfit.

The objects themselves do not reveal themselves as either this or that. From that poinr of view, universals are part of vikalpa.

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Even now, in philosophy, the discussion about universal and particulars still continues. Some people think universals are just human constructions and particulars are real, while other people think a universal has more reality than particulars. In some ways, we could say any kind of philosophical endeavor or inquiry could be regarded as part of vikalpa, because it produces further conceptual paraphernalia.

That is why Yogacara says theorization has to be supported by practice. You study all this, then you meditate and examine your mind and see how these things are happening, because they do happen. So we can relate to them in meditation as well as through our intellect.

The Three Aspects of Reality in YogacaraThe fundamental philosophical concepts of Yogacara if we are to understand what sort of impact Yogacara philosophy had on Buddhist tantra. What we are going to discuss today also has three aspects.

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