Latest Short Hairstyles For Black Ladies

Heat dries out Afro hair.

The tendency for the cuticle layer to remain open means that Afro hair absorbs a lot more water than other hair types when soaked – up to 40 per cent of its own weight when the hair is in good condition and much more when the hair is damaged! In this state hair is at its most vulnerable and open to attack at its core. It is important to be careful about what you put on your hair and how you treat it at this point.

Heat is not worth it.

The temptation is to use heat to dry your hair but even the seemingly gentle sunshine on wet hair causes damage both from the ultra-violate light radiation and the heat. As we have explained, Afro hair tends to be drier than that of other races. Using heat to dry or style hair just makes the situation worse.

Heat is an enemy! Hot sunshine, hot combs, blow dryers, tongs, flat irons – whatever form you use them in.

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Any process that transfers heat to your hair dries, weakens and damages the hair. There is no getting around that fact! So, avoid direct heat. Even the lowest setting may result in you over-drying your hair.

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