Lavender Tea Tree Spray Cleaner

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Everyone should replace disinfectants with natural cleansers as studies have proven that store-bought cleaners are toxic and can make you ill. What better way to do this than with all natural essential oils. They are the cheapest and safest cleaning agent, helping to kill germs and bacteria and to naturally freshen up.

Essential Oils clean by…

Another wonderful thing about essential oils is the natural fragrance it gives to your home all day long. The scent from aromatherapy oils is so strong that they can make the best air fresheners in your home. This is also good for your pets.

3 drops Tea Tree essential oil 1/4 tsp Lavender essential oil

1 tsp borax

2 tbsp white vinegar

2 cups hot water Instructions

1. Mix together all the ingredients and stir until completely dissolve.

2. Pour mixture into spray bottle.

3. Spray as needed on surfaces except glass.

4. Scrub and then rinse with a clean and damp, cloth.

Heavy Duty Toilet Formula

5 drops lemon essential oil

1 cup white vinegar

10 drops lavender essential oil

3/4 cup borax


1. Combine ingredients in a squirt bottle.

2. Flush to wet the inside of the bowl and then pour mixture into the toilet bowl.

3. Let it sit unused for several hours

4. Scrub bowl and flush toilet to rinse.

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