Layered haircuts from the back view

In this chapter I had intended to share with you tips on how to get the Perfect Blowout (Blow-Drying and Flat Ironing process). I’ve researched and tried countless YouTube video tutorials and read blogs on how to flat iron or press your natural hair to a silky sensation, but have failed each time. Within a few hours my hair reverts back to its kinky coils, taunting me with its defiance.

Giving you tips on how to flat iron would be hypocritical because I’m still searching for the right answer within myself. I’m slowly starting to believe that flat ironing is unnecessary.

At the beginning of this blog I defined Naturally Fine as:

Naturally Fine: a woman who embraces her hair texture and all its beauty; a woman who is not defined by her hair but is empowered by it; a woman who can stare at herself boldly in the mirror and say, I love you, kinks and all‚; a woman who is validated from within.

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