Layered haircuts for long hair

The Layers of the Skin

The skin consists of three principal layers, the subcutaneous, the corium (dermis), and the outer epidermis. Layered haircuts for long hair nails, and skin. The combination of these oils with dead skin cells is called sebum. Sebum keeps hair glossy and the skin supple and might help defend the skin from bacterial infection. Other examples of sebum include earwax and dandruff. Sebum production is greater in men than in women because of the effects of the male hormone testosterone on the production of these oils. Abnormal production of sebum can contribute to acne. Subcutaneous tissue serves as a shock absorber, as a heat insulator, and as a reserve of calories in the form of fat. When body fat is measured, the instrument used, called skinfold calipers, pinches this layer of fat to assess the percent of overall body fat.

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