Layered Hairs

OK, today we’re going do the half-flipped pony. This is kind of a fun, new easy one. We’re going to start by just brushing out her hair. And her’s is just slightly wavy and curly from the braids she had yesterday. And I’ve parted her hair, just on the left where her natural part falls. And I’m gonna take hair, about at the tops of her ears, and I’m just going to do about half of her hair. And comb it back. I’m gonna wet her’s down just a little, cause she’s got some bangs that wanna fly out. And I’m just going to comb this in to a ponytail in the back. OK. Once I’ve gotten my ponytail, rubber band, please, I’m gonna use the rubber band to secure it, just loosely.

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Then I’m gonna take my topsy tail, actually going to get the little bigger one. And just do a flip with the hair. And if you don’t have a topsy tail, you can use some string or ribbon, or a hanger, if you want to twist it in to that shape. So you’ve got the half flip on the back. I’m just going to brush those out, and leave it just kind of nice and soft and curly. And then, for just a little flare in the front, I’m gonna add a little head band. And these are the twist bands. Or you can just use that little head band you buy from any store, to just add a little pop, and to help hold her little bangs back.

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