Learn To Use A Straight Razor In 3 Days Upcoming LIVE Course

Learn To Use A Straight Razor In 3 Days Upcoming LIVE Course Sponsored By StraightRazors.com Hi! I’m Carl Centeno. I’m the founder of this style blog. Today, gentlemen, we’re going to talk about learning how to straight razor shave in three days. Now, this one’s going to be a little bit different. I’m going to be actually referring to a course that I’m going to be offering for free or for $97, and I’ll be talking about how you can get it for free. I really would like to have you guys in there.

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It’s going to be open to 50 men and that’s part of the limitation of the software I’m using, GoToWebinar, but this is going to be live training for those of you that are interested in a straight razor shave. I know many of you guys have thought about this for probably years. The problem is you haven’t really taken much action on this and you have been wanting to try this out. Why? Well, let’s think about it. The closest shave that you can get as a man, the most control when it comes to all of the other razors out there the history, let’s go back 3000 years. When they first started using copper instruments, one of the first things they developed is a razor and how to be able to shave that face. Alexander the Great in the 4th Century BC, he basically wanted to make sure that his warriors were clean-shaven so in close combat, no one was going to be grabbing the beard. Guys, longevity, when it comes down to it, a good quality straight razor is going to outlast you, and finally, the coolness factor. Now, this is brought to you by straightrazors.com. I’ve got one of their grim blades right here, amazing quality. I’ll be getting into the details of this in further posts, but I can tell you that they use this I think it says Austrian steel.

One of the big costs of a straight razor is the quality of the steel. These guys are using some of the best in the world. In addition, right here in the United States actually in Idaho, that’s where they’re doing all of basically the honing and the polishing, getting this ready, American-made. They use this actually, this one I’ve got a fiber glass. This is The Blades Grim, so go check it out. I’ll link to this particular set that I have here. What I’m offering is if you in the next few weeks go grab a set over at straightrazors.com, if you’ve already got shaving soap or some other things, you can just grab a straight razor. But for those of you that decide to go over there and grab a set, grab a straight razor, I’m going to invite you to come take a course with me. Mantic59, also Mark Herro, he’s a friend of mine. If you don’t know who he is, on my blog, he is one of the biggest shaving gurus out there. He’s been talking about this stuff a long time.

He’s been straight razor shaving, wet shaving, all of the other stuff for a long the guy is the de facto expert, and you’re going to be going on the journey with me. This is a three-day course. It’s going to be three days in a row. We’re going to meet for three mornings and we’re just going to do this together. One of the things I find when men are trying to have action I’ve learned this in my style system is it’s great when you’ve got a group together, and I’m going to have two groups. The weekends are going to be 26th, 27th, and 28th of December and then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, so that’s going to be a Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It’s going to be at 80 a.m. Central. Now, these are going to be recorded for those of you guys that can’t be there, so if you were to buy a razor and you can’t make it to the event, I’m going to have this recorded. If it’s early, too late, you’ll be able to zoom in, but it’s going to be a course that’s going to have information and it’s going to be broken into four sessions. First, there’s the pre-session.

This is going to be the homework that you need to do before you show up and it’s basically you’re going to learn about how to correctly create a lather. You’re going to need a luxury shaving soap and you’re going to learn exactly how to lather correctly. We’re also going to be teaching you about the terminology, all the different parts of the blade so whenever we’re speaking, you’re going to understand that. In addition, how to hold and we’re going to get into those details. That’s all before. Then, on the first day, we’re going to shave together and this is going to be live, gentlemen. So if I cut my neck and I’m bleeding all over the place, you are going to be able to call 911 and help save me. No, I hope it doesn’t turn out like that. I really think that having us in a live environment and you don’t have to be there on post. I’m the only one that is going to be there on post. You can be on post if you want, but it is something that you can have your computer or your smart phone connected, and you can be there shaving and telling us what you think. How is it going? What are your impressions of what’s going on? Ask questions right there.

We’re going to do this for three days, so the first day is going to be the first shave and this is going to be I know when most of the questions pop up. We’re going to lather, we’re going to shave, and there’s going to be a Q&A session right after that. So we’re going to be able to talk about the experience, answer any questions. Then day two, very similar, the lather, the shave, the Q&A, but then we’re going to start talking about the maintenance, anything that you need to do to make sure that your straight razor lasts for a lifetime. And then day three is going to be basically the same thing except we’re going to be talking about perfection and what you’ve learned, and how to continue to go forward. Now, this is setting you up so that you can become a straight razor for a lifetime. Now, you may go back to wet shaving. You may just make straight razors you want something that you do once in a while, but I really want to get at those five points I talked about in the very beginning, being able to get a close shave, the closest shave you can as a man, being able to control every aspect of it, understanding the history, having something that’s going to outlive you that you could pass on to your son or your grandson. And when you’re hanging out with friends and you pull this thing out, they’re wondering if you’re going to end up slashing them. No, hopefully they don’t think that. Guys, right now, go over and check out straightrazors.com, if for no other reason, check out their custom blades.

I am amazed of what Luke is doing over there. He’s brought in a whole bunch of artisans. These guys have really in the last couple of years created an amazing company, making them right there in Idaho, and it’s just a bunch of guys in the machine shop making amazing custom-blades. The custom blades by themselves are worth going to straightrazors.com. If you make a purchase, all you have to do is email me. You’ve probably got my email, but if not, Carl@my blog and let me know. Go through my contact form. It doesn’t matter how you get a hold of me and I’ll make sure you get signed up for the course. The course is going to be fun. I’m going to be going through it.

Guys, I have never used a straight razor, so this is going to be fun for me the first time and I’m going to be having this course twice. I may offer it again, and don’t forget, there’s a limit of 50 guys. The reason I’m doing that is it’s the limitation of my software, but if this proves successful, we may do it again. If you for some reason just want to pay good money and get into the course and don’t I mean, for the amount of money, to be honest, 97 bucks, you could go get a straight razor over at straightrazors.com for a bit less than that and that’s what I would recommend, but if you just want to pay me, let me know and we’ll set that up as well. Take care, guys. I’ll see you in the next post. Bye-bye.

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