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My Life Before Vine Growing up, I was always the joker of my group. I would do funny and dangerous stuff for a laugh, but deep down it was more about wanting people to like me. Even though I had friends, people bullied me and made me feel like I was ugly. (I wore braces on my teeth, and the only people who ever told me I was pretty were my mom and dad.) I felt really bad, so I decided to pull pranks and be âœThe Funny Girl❠because at least that was something I could have. When I got my braces off, I began to feel pretty and stopped caring about what other people thought. How Videos Changed Everything My best friend introduced me to Vine, and making videos became a hobby. Soon, I was posting little skits because I was trying to get on the Popular page.

The day I made it, I got so many followers. Still, my success wasn’t something that happened overnightâ”it happened over years. It didn’t sink in until I had my first meetup. All these people filled the streets, and they freaked out when they saw meâ”so I was also freaking out! I thought to myself, Wow, all these people see my stuff and they’re fans?!? That was the craziest moment for me. My Surprising Inspiration Because I’m funny, people don’t realize that I’m not always happy. I have low self-esteem, and I’ve suffered from depression. But I turn everything into humor because of that. If I’m feeling really sad about somethingâ”like a breakup, or a guy rejecting meâ”I make a video that makes fun of what happened. My videos are basically my journal.

My Creative Circle I like to include as many people as I can in my Vines because it’s fun to work with others. My best friends Vale and Nana are in a lot of them, and I even film my mom. I also live in the same building as a lot of other Viners in Los Angeles, so I can wake up and find another person who can help me create a project. At the beginning, it took me four to six hours to make a single Vine, but now I have it down to an hour and a half. I never plan ahead of timeâ”the ideas always come to me the day that I shoot them. That said, sometimes I feel pressure to perform. If I haven’t posted for a few days, I know I have to create something really good for my fans. My Best Advice I think everything happens for a reason. I wasn’t going to be a Viner, but I entered the app at the right moment and got where I am today. To be successful, you have to be yourselfâ”nobody has done what you would do because nobody else is you. If you don’t succeed, try again and again. You’re going to fall down, but get back up. Do whatever makes you happy and believe in yourself.

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