There is a tree in our backyard. It has seen my grandparents grow. Their most memorable evenings were spent under it. Relaxing, chatting, just whiling away time. Nothing has changed.

It now stands in the centre of our garden and remains the centre of our existence. Today our children get tired playing around it.

And tomorrow, so will their children.

That’s the beauty of it.

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If you are a Type A personality, you can view bed rest as a project, one that requires careful planning. Some of the items you will need to plan for include: Transitioning from work to bed rest. Finding support to help with your kids. Organizing your medical appointments. Developing a list of people you can call for rides and emergencies. Making a list of what you want to accomplish before baby arrives, including developing your birth plan. The first step in getting organized for working moms is to find a way to finish up any loose ends at work (with your medical provider’s permission) so you can turn your attention towards your baby. For moms with kids, you will need to hire a babysitter or have a friend watch the kids so you can make this transition as well as determine the help you and your family will need in the coming weeks (more about this in upcoming chapters). If your kids are not in school or daycare, think about how you will keep them busy during the day, as you won’t be able to chase after your toddler or prevent him or her from making a mess in the bathroom. You won’t be able to relax and get the rest your body needs if you have young children running around without some help.

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