Line. And Laced Braid Hairstyle Combo

Hi welcome to our Blog, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Gracie we’re from my blog.

And if you haven’t already please comment to don’t miss any of our tutorials we’re going to do today a line break followed by a laced ponytail right after this, I’m going to begin by putting a gel in her hair. So they’ll control the flyaways okay. I’m going to start up here in the front.

Line. And Laced Braid Hairstyle Combo Photo Gallery

And, I’m going to part it on the side about an inch inch-and-a-half towards me then, I’m just going to go. And make a round circle all the way around her head right to where her ear is, I’m going to just stop okay. I’m going to start by making a ponytail okay, I’m going to use a hook holder.

And, I’ll give you the information in the description below where you can get them. And just use this on her head. So it will make her hair smooth.

And not have. So much lumps, I’m also going to use a regular hair tie just. So that it stays in place because her hair is too heavy for just this one how culverts.

And pad in your hair this is just a reinforcement. So it stays in place okay. And just smooth out this rush out her ponytail okay.

So this is how it looks with the ponytail. And a half a circle. I’m going to start up here.

And you’re going to take a slice from right here in the corner. And you’re going to make three strands okay. And you’re going to start a stitch you’re going to take that strand you’re going to have your person hold on to that strand then you’re going to grab a slice right here to make that third strand oh yeah.

So now you got your three strands right here, I’m going to do the same you just going to do a stitch again. And with this string that you’re going under you’re going to take it. And you’re going to switch have her hold that one.

And you’re going to grab it grab the first one that you got right under. And you’re going to join it in with this middle one right here. And then you’re going to have you’re going to add another strand okay.

So you’re going to do it again make a stitch with this strand you’re going to go on over it under it. And then you’re going to go. And have her hold it you’re going to go underneath you can go underneath.

And grab the one that she held the first time, I’m going to grab it. And then you’re going to put together in that middle strand right here this is all repeated. I now on my last strand right here, I’m going to finish this last one hold it one more time together grab this again you’re just going to take this.

And grab it. And put it right here on the ponytail gonna grab. And just put this right into this ponytail.

And, I’m going to hide her elastic bands with her hair. And use a Topsy tail just to hide it hi guya lesbian Oh okay yeah. So now you have a complete line break right here, I’m going you get you whatever you like with this ponytail leave it down curl it, I’m just going to show you guys how to do a lace braid.

So you take a slice here smooth it out comb it make three equal parts you’re going to just take this right the left strand over the middle you’re going to grab a set slice from this side here a very small slice. And you’re going to combine it with this strand here then you’re going to continue. And you’re going to not pick up anything from over here.

I’m going to take a slice from the left side. And, I’m going to just connect it with this strand here. And do my normal stitch this is all repeated down to the end or however far you would like to have it down, I also want to mention that as you’re connecting this strand to this strand you want to pull towards the left or to the right, I’m sorry you want to pull towards the right.

So that when it when it when you let it go it’s going to look like this, I’m gonna stop right here you’ll need to tie it off with a little ribbon, I’m just going to use a little hairspray just to keep it down. And there you have it tickle athletes enjoy right here thanks for reading we love to hear from you in the comments below about the style check out our most watched posts right here. So wait do it.

And teach it to others bye you.

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