Lipstick Tips: Mixing and Experimenting

What is the biggest difference between how you apply lipstick and the way I would do it for television or for a photo shoot? Most women apply one shade from the tube or tub to their mouths. I (and the vast majority of makeup artists on the planet) would be incapable of doing that. Instead, we mix together various shades and consistencies to come up with the most flattering possible choice for our subjects.

That, in essence, is what you can do if you want to be creative with your lip color and texture. Below are a few ways to pull yourself out of a lip routine so that you may have more than one look for your mouth and, in the process, have more fun with lip colors.

⢠Coat your lip with Vaseline and, using a lip pencil, fill in a color you like over it. This is a good way to try red or a dramatic blackberry or plum shade, since it will be quite sheer and mistake-proof.

⢠Put gloss on top of your ordinary lipstick. This alone will change the lip look quite dramatically. Good gloss shades include clear, white, light pink, mocha, and chocolate.

⢠Try using a brown-toned lipstick with a light beige lip pencil. Actually, you may use any shade you prefer the principle being that the pencil be a shade or two lighter than the lipstick.

⢠Mix a chocolate lip pencil with pink shimmer lipstick or lip gloss.

⢠Put on one favorite lip color and then put a slightly darker shade on over it. Once you start experimenting in this way, you may find yourself incapable of wearing just one standard-issue color.

The following are some basic modulating principles that I use in my work and which may be helpful in easing into lip color that is more individual and creative.

Standard Ways to Modulate Lip Color â¢White will make any lip color look pastel and lighter.

⢠Beige will tone down a bright shade and is a good âœfixer❠if you suddenly feel your lip color is too loud.

⢠Light pink will quiet any lip color and make it pretty.

⢠Blackberry/chocolate can turn a day lip color into an evening look.

⢠You can create your own red shade by mixing with a favorite brown.

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