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Exfoliate With Scrubs

After brewing a cup of java in the morning save the coffee grounds. The damp, used grounds make an excellent face and body exfoliator during your morning shower. Use fresh, warm coffee grounds and massage in a circular motion on your skin to stimulate blood-flow and remove tired skin cells. Sea salt or sugar combined with olive oil or almond oil also makes an invigorating body scrub. Try adding vanilla essence or other aromatherapy oils to make your own relaxing spa scrubs.

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Sunglasses Comfort is key. Since you can usually find them at the dollar store, it’s worth buying a few pairs and trying them out. Experiment with shades on your shorter beauty in the event they don’t work out. ShoesA blog about hair makeup simple should surely advocate wearing the lightest shoe possible, right? Not this blog. These days, minimalism seems to equate solely to shoe type, or just going about with no shoes at all. There are merits to wearing true minimalistic shoes, and there are merits to wearing heavier, more-cushioned shoes. The answer to the question of which is right for you is the dreaded: It depends. It depends on your body type, weight, susceptibility to injury, and personal preference. I’m not against the bare-foot movement, but I’m not for it either. Plenty of other blogs are dedicated to hair makeup-shoe minimalism, and I’ll leave you to figure out where you stand by reading them If you want to save money by going barefoot, that’s fine.

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