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Exotic Express Hair Cologne

An exotic, woody scent.

7 tablespoons 190 proof grain alcohol 60 drops black pepper essential oil

3 tablespoons distilled water 18 drops sage essential oil

60 drops fir essential oil 24 drops cedarwood essential oil

60 drops sandalwood essential oil 10 drops patchouli essential oil

Combine ingredients in a glass jar (preferably blue or amber) and cap with a tight-fitting lid. Little girl short haircuts Shake well and it is ready to use, although, as many perfumists suggest, you may want to let the cologne sit for a couple of weeks to allow the scent to fully blend and mature. Apply cologne here and there as desired or place in a spray bottle and mist onto body and clothing. The colognes can also be sprayed around the room or onto upholstered furniture to create an exotic ambiance. Makes about 5 oz.

Variation: If you can’t find 190 proof grain alcohol, use 10 tablespoons of vodka to replace the alcohol and water.

Adolescence is a transition period, when children are becoming adults. This transformation can be very exciting as new horizons open and new feelings emerge. During this time the body produces hormones to facilitate the passage from childhood into adulthood. In some adolescents these hormonal changes can also cause pimpling and acne. While various topical applications like the ones offered hqre can help to clear up these conditions, it is extremely important to consider diet and lifestyle changes at this time. Internal herbal support may also be very helpful in dealing with teenaged skin. Below you will find a regimen that provides a natural approach to caring for acne-prone skin. Bear in mind that if adolescent skin is not plagued with acne or breakouts, it does not require special care other than the usual gentle cleansing and nourishing programs found in the first chapter.

The hormonal changes of adolescence can sometimes cause strong body odor. This chapter also offers some natural deodorant formulas designed for teenagers of both sexes. You can also refer to Whole Body Treatments chapter.

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