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Hair Oil Feet Treat

A rich, nourishing foot oil for dry, cracked and damaged skin.

2 oz. jojoba oil 2 oz. peanut oil 1 oz. avocado oil

2 oz. comfrey root-infused olive oil (see Comfrey Comfort 82)

Combine oils in a narrow-mouth glass bottle with a lid, cap and shake well before using. Little girls haircuts with bangs Apply 1-2 teaspoons to feet per treatment. Makes 7 oz., enough for 20 or more applications.

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The way I lived there and that my parents continue to, the natural world is just so much more interwoven into daily life. Whether it be gardening, repairing a fence, felling a tree, chopping firewood, clipping a horse’s hooves, etc. , more of day-to-day life is lived outside, interacting with aspects of the natural world, and I find this to be hugely rewarding. Using one’s body is so therapeutic mentally, and doing so in a pleasant, bucolic setting only enhances these general feelings of well-being. So much of my day seems to be dominated now by electronic sensory stimulation listening to music, working on a computer, watching a YouTube video, sending a text, talking on a phone that it is imperative for my well-being that I make sure the three to four hours a day I spend in the mountains is as free from that kind of stuff as possible. Imperative why? There’s something that just feels right about it. It is definitely spiritual. It is definitely educational. The mountains have so much to teach, present so many opportunities for personal growth, and I know I would be missing a lot of that if I just numbed out the whole time I was out there, plugged into my iPod or whatever. Carrying a camera with me is such a double-edged sword because the experiences I have out there are so inspirational to me and resonate so deeply with me that I can’t help but be inspired to try and share that with other people.

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