Loaches And Bean Curd


1 egg white.

1/2 lb. loaches

1 piece bamboo shoot, cooked.

A few carrot shavings as garnish.

2 cups broth.

1 lb. bean curd

1 tbsp. Rice wine or sherry.

2 oz.

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Chicken fat, fried.

1 tsp. Each chopped scallion and ginger.

Salt to taste.

Pepper powder to taste.

To Prepare:

1. Pour egg white into a basin of cold water. Put the loaches in it for 12 hours to help empty their bowels.

2. Slice bamboo and carrot.

3. Put broth, bean curd and loaches into an earthenware pot, cover and cook until the bean curd becomes honey-combed. The loaches should crawl into the bean curd. Add wine, chicken fat, salt and cook for ten minutes. Sprinkle scallion, ginger, carrot and bamboo, bring to a boil and add pepper powder. Serve in the earthenware pot.

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