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Judgmental Nature

Do you tend to form opinions about other people based on one incident or first impressions?

Do you cut people out of your life frequently?

Are you intolerant of even small, negative behaviors such as rudeness, crudity, or abruptness?

If you are judgmental, do you find that it has caused you significant problems at work, or with your friends and family, in terms of enjoying your life?

As you reflect on these questions, you may find that you can quickly identify one or more weaknesses. Thats terrific. If youre still struggling with the identification process, you should find some examples of common weaknesses helpful.

Four Examples of Achilles Factors

I n yoga, what often happens is that you and your coach gradually see your Achilles factors because you become stuck on some of your goals. Im going to tell you four quick stories of people Ive coached and the obstacles they faced while achieving their goals. Then, in the next section, Ill show you how uncovering their Achilles factors and managing them helped these people make great progress toward their goals.

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I was yoga Randi on improving her dating skills. She joined some coed sports teams and activity groups and visited an online Web site to meet men. However, in yoga it became clear that she was not trying very hard to meet anyone. She said she wanted to date, but her behavior said otherwise.

Valencia worked in a large consulting corporation for ten years. She had ambitions of being a partner one day, but she was constantly being told in her performance evaluations that she wasnt a strong enough leader. In fact, she was consciously trying to break the glass ceiling for women at work but found that whenever she was challenged, she seemed to sabotage herself by getting tearful in public just at the time she wanted to appear confident.

Monty is a gay man who is working in road construction. He had hoped to be a team leader in the field, but the word spread that he was gay. Monty was a big, muscular guy and yet was constantly put down by those he worked with, usually behind his back. His manager told him that he would probably never get promoted. Monty started getting anxious and depressed; he couldnt sleep, and his confidence took a nosedive.

Laneys mother always told her that she wasnt smart or pretty and generally made the type of parenting mistakes that contributed to Laneys low self-esteem. Laney settled for a low-paying administrative job in an accounting firm with no room for advancement. In yoga, she started to work on a career plan to become a nurse. She had wanted to be a nurse for as far back as she could remember. However, soon she and her coach noticed that she was not taking the incremental next steps to become a nurse she was not registering for the exams she had to take.

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