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The hands reflect all the body, as do the feet. Long bob haircut pictures front and back They are a very different shape to feet, but once you have adjusted to that and leamt the basic layout, the location of reflexes is quite straightforward. Use the reflexes on the hand when it is impossible to work the feet, such as when only the hands are accessible or when the feet are damaged or diseased.


The spinal reflex (bottom) is especially important and should always be massaged, and the reflex worked thoroughly. Not only is our spinal column our main boney support but it also contains the spinal cord, and through the central nervous system the whole body may be treated on the spinal reflex.

Alexander technique

People tend to associate the Alexander technique with relaxation, alternative medicine, body massage and with posture‚, Yet it is actually much more than that.

One way towards a clearer understanding of the technique is to begin by stating what it is not.The Alexander technique does not train its teachers to make a medical diagnosis of their students, nor does it focus on any division between the mind and body.The technique believes in the indivisibility of the two and in their psycho-physical unity. Above all, the technique’s main objective is to encourage people to use themselves, their bodies and minds more effectively in their day-to-day lives.

The technique’s preventive role is an efficient tool which maintains tone and general well-being. It also helps to improve posture and relieve related pain, In fact it can assist people with stress-related illnesses such as respiratory and gastro-intestinal problems, as well as psychosomatic conditions. It can help those who suffer from psychological distress, such as depression, as well as facilitating recovery from accidents and injuries.The technique can even assist people with mechanical problems, such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and arthritis. Above all, it helps promote muscle tone and general well-being while encouraging poise and flexibility.The technique aids the well in addition to those with ailments.

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