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Kidneys (KID):

The kidneys include the function of the adrenals, controlling the whole of the hormonal system.

Provides and stores essential Chi for all other organs and governs birth, growth, Long haircut styles for straight hair reproduction and development; the reproductive system.

Nourishes the spine, bones and the brain; the nervous system.

Vitality, direction, courage and will power.

Bladder (BL):

Purification and regulation.

Nourishes the spine.

Courage and the ability to move forward confidently in life.

Heart Governor (HG):

Protector of the heart and closely related to emotional responses.

Related to central circulation.

Relationships with others; protection of others.

Triple Heater (TH):

Transports energy, blood and heat to the peripheral parts of the body; circulatory system.

Helpfulness and emotional interaction.

Liver (L1V):

Stores blood and nutrients which are subsequently distributed throughout the body. Ensures free flow of Chi throughout the body.

Governs the muscular and digestive systems.

Creativity and ideas; good planning and organization.

Gall Bladder (GB):

Stores bile produced by the liver and distributes it in the small intestine; digestive system.

Practical application of ideas and decision-making.

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