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On 4th July, BelleWave invited salon owners and beauty therapists to a special showcase of Essencious‚ ¾‚ Professional Treatment. The intimate event held in the cosy setting of Group Therapy Coffee took guests on a journey to discover EssenciousTM, BelleWave’s skin essential treatment series formulated in Switzerland using natural ingredients and processes.

Guests were treated to scrumptious canapes and drinks created with highly nutritive ingredients such as berries, soybean, olive oil, seaweed, rice bran and fermented food – the same ingredients used in the making of EssenciousTM. Skincare can’t get any more natural than that!

During the event, guests were introduced to the 3 Essencious‚ ¾‚ treatment types. The first treatment presented was Fermatique Brilliance Essencious‚ ¾‚ that uses the fermentation technique to multiply active ingredients’ nutritional value and break down nutrients to smaller particles for easy absorption. Skin renewal is accelerated with super-penetrative nutrients and youthful radiance is revealed.

Next up is Seed Affinity Essencious‚ ¾‚, a facial treatment powerpacked with seeds’ proteins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to strengthen the skin barrier with intense nourishment. And finally, guests were introduced to Planktonic Power

Essencious‚ ¾‚, a facial treatment made using mineral-dense marine planktons, sea vegetables and algae. By replenishing minerals to the skin, it helps to re-energise cellular metabolism and build skin’s resilience against environmental aggressors.

To show the effectiveness of Fermatique Brilliance Essencious‚ ¾‚, a live demonstration of the facial treatment was performed on a model with dull fatigued skin. After the demonstration, guests were invited to see a close up look of the model’s revived glowing skin. Needless to say, the guests were astonished by the huge difference visible within one treatment.

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