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Nutrients that Maintain Well-Nourished Skin, Hair, and Nails

Protein and Calories

Muscles are broken down for energy when consumption of protein or calories is not adequate to meet the body’s needs. Long haircuts with layers back view The muscles attached to the bottom surface of skin normally contribute to a firm skin tone. When the underlying muscles deteriorate from lack of protein and calories, the skin becomes slack. The fat stores of the skin also are depleted to pr@vide energy. This leaves the skin thin and inelastic. The result is an emaciated or skin and bones‚ appearance.

A hair diet severely deficient in protein also might result in a loss of proteins in the blood that attract and hold water. When these circulating proteins become low, water moves from the blood into the tissues, where it causes swelling known as oedema. This gives the skin a puffy, swollen look, and can hide the underlying deterioration of the muscle and fat tissues.


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