Long layered haircuts with side bangs

To treat the pelvis, begin by thumbwalking the heel across the sole in horizontal, Long layered haircuts with side bangs overlapping lines. Note that this can actually be quite hard work.

Find the little hollow halfway along a diagonal line between the centre of the ankle bone and the right angle of the heel on the inside of the foot, and rotate this point with your middle fingertip. Do not apply too much pressure.

From this point, begin the fingerwalking movement using the same finger going up the line running behind the ankle and up the leg.

I Now find the point described in step 2, but on the outside of the foot. Rotate it with the middle finger of your other hand and then fingerwalk up the outside of the ankle and leg, just as you did on the inside.

Now begin using the three middle fingers, and start fingerwalking right across the top of the ankle.

Continue the fingerwalking movement, going right round the ; bone, using the same fingertips.

Finally, refer to the foot charts to find the hip/knee reflex, and work it by fingerwalking two fingers together

To treat the limbs, work the outside of the foot, then begin massaging the relevant cross reflex.

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