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Muscles can tense a result of anxiety which often causes slightly raised shoulders or contracted back muscles. Long length haircut with bangs The effort of maintaining your muscles in this semi-contracted state is tiring, possibly causing spasms and bad postural habits. The neck stiffens and the back may ache. Tight neck muscles can also hinder blood flowing to the head, creating tension headaches.

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Moving frequently will release the muscles. Rotate your head or stand and stretch, and take breaks from working or driving. Gently massaging the neck with oil can help.

Tension can build up in the neck and shoulders, causing stiffness.

Cold Infused Oil of Lavender.

Fill a glass jar with lavender heads and cover with clear vegetable oil. Allow to steep on a windowsill, shaking the jar every day. Strain and bottle.

The oil can be used for massaging into a stiff neck or back. It can also be added to the bath to keep your skin soft and perfumed, while also encouraging relaxation.

Lavender is an extremely talented herb. It has traditionally been used as a sedative helping combat anxiety and tension. A few drops of infused oil added to your favourite massage oil will also help relax your over-tense muscles. Similar oils can be made from Marjoram (which is anti-spasmodic) and Rosemary.

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