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This harsh, dry cough is very disturbing in small children, but usually sounds far worse than it really is. Long wavy shag haircut There are three main remedies for croup. Aconite can be used for particularly violent and sudden coughs, which are often worse at night. For harsh coughs that sound like sawing through wood, Spongia is the remedy. For a rattly chest with thick yellow-green mucus, possibly marked by irritability and chilliness, use Hepar sulph.

Trapped wind can be very upsetting for a baby. It comes without warning, and for no apparent reason the baby will cry. Sometimes babies try to curl up to ease the pain, and warmth and a gentle massage should help. Mag phos is a useful remedy to try.

Give your child the right start with love and a healthy diet first aid Homeopathic remedies are extremely useful as first-aid treatments in all kinds of situations, but dangerous, serious injuries should always receive immediate, expert medical attention. If you are in any way alarmed or concerned, you must first call for help, at which point it might just be possible to start giving an appropriate remedy. In more minor cases, such as bruising, cuts and sprains, homeopathy can certainly make quite a difference.

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