Loretta Lynn

“TO make it in this business, you either have to be first, great or different…” star-studded tribute album to Loretta featuring Lucinda Williams, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow and many others.

I ask Loretta how she keeps her vocal instrument in such good shape, and her answer, in an addictive thick Tennessee twang, typifies her down-to-earth nature.

“When they say sing, I just open my mouth and start singing. They say ‘my goodness, close it! You’ve got more volume than anybody.'” Loretta laughs loudly. “Many singers don’t open their mouths today; the sound is so little,” she adds.

It has been 12 years since her last album, why the wait and why now? “I work all the time, but I just hadn’t really sat down and said ‘hey here’s a bunch of my songs.'”

Loretta has been working in the studio with John Carter Cash, the son of her close friends Johnny Cash and June Carter, and her daughter and manager Patsy Lynn Russell, at the famed Cash Cabin studio on and off for the last nine years. “We cut over 100 songs since 2007 you know. I have done all this for my kids. I wanted all my kids to have all my songs,” she tells me.

On the new CD, she re-recorded the first song she ever wrote, Whispering Sea, at 25 years old. She tells me she expects all of the songs she revisited in the Cash Cabin sessions to be released on several more albums.

“We were originally, just going in just to cut all the number ones again. Then we said let’s cut the top fives and then the top tens, and we just carried on. You can’t get those recordings of my songs now, but the fans want to hear them again.”

Does she fancy FULL CIRCLE winning a Grammy or two? “Wouldn’t that be something. Well, I hope so. Some of those songs were sung just one time, and many were hits 40 years ago and maybe longer.” But it all sounds so fresh and not at all dated.

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