How To Lose Weight Easy And Fast

Good fat, bad fat

There are two types of fat you should to be aware of: saturated fat and unsaturated fat.

As a simple guide, saturated fat = bad fat and unsaturated fat = good fat.

Fat is not bad for you, but too much fat is, particularly saturated fat. Too much fat = too much energy, and what’s surplus to your energy requirements gets stored – which leads to weight gain.

For the last forty years the food industry has been marketing ‘low fat’ processed foods because the perceived wisdom was that saturated fat was the cause of weight gain, obesity and associated diseases. Whilst too much fat in your diet can cause these problems, it is by no means the sole cause.

Remember, view anything labelled ‘low fat’ with suspicion. Don’t forget the food manufacturers’ sleight of hand, reducing fat in so-called ‘low fat’ products and replacing it with sugar. A taste enhancer it might be, but it comes at a cost to you. Remember too that 50% of sugar is fructose, and almost all fructose is metabolised as. FAT. ‘Low fat’ can actually mean ‘high fat’.

By far the most toxic use of fat in food production is when it is mixed with sugar in significant quantities.

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