How To Lose Weight With Exercise


Ideally, it’s better to have a bigger lunch and a smaller meal in the evening. You may be at work at lunchtime, which will mean you have to take care if you buy your lunch. Try eating as much fresh food as you can – this will keep you away from the high fat, high-salt meals. If you want something sweet, eat fruit. If you eat lunch at home or you take your lunch with you each day, have a rough plan of what you would like to eat and keep the total of your breakfast RDAs in the back of your mind.

Evening meal

Try and have this as early as possible. Remember if you eat a big meal late in the evening you’ll be putting fuel into your boiler when it doesn’t need it. Your blood sugar level will remain high which may affect your sleep patterns, and any excess energy will be stored as fat.

What’s best, and what helps reduce fat, is to leave as long as you can between your evening meal and breakfast. 12 hours would be the ideal. In effect it’s a mini fast. Oh, and avoid after-dinner snacks and drinks.

Your aim at the end of each day is to have kept within your RDAs. Don’t worry if you miss the target. Your RDAs are a guide. If you over-shoot, it’s not the end of the world. The purpose of RDAs is to influence your choices and to guide you towards eating quality food in quantities that do not affect your biochemistry. Soon, keeping an eye on RDAs will become second nature, what you do – it will become a habit, a very good one.

Over time new routines will emerge. A new shopping routine, a new mealtime routine. Your diet will change – for the better. You’ll eat healthy, quality food. Most importantly, you’ll eat what’s good for you.

The choices you make will be your informed choices. You’ll be able to discriminate between food that does you harm and good, healthy food. You’ll be able to take back control of what you eat and how much you eat. You’ll feel better about yourself and feel great too.

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