How To Lose Weight Without Trying

It’s All About Balance.

Your body is always trying to keep things in balance, to keep everything as constant as possible. It’s your hypothalamus – remember the part it plays in managing your energy balance – that’s constantly interacting and adjusting to changes in order to maintain the right degree of constancy. This ‘balancing act’ is called homeostasis.

It’s also important to keep the type of nutrients you eat in balance too. You should eat protein, fat and carbohydrate in roughly these proportions:

Protein 20%; Fat 30%; Carbohydrate 50%

Your body requires all three of these macronutrients to function properly.

Proteins are the building blocks of life. They are essential nutrients made up of amino acids which your body needs to function properly. Your tissues and organs cannot exist without proteins. Your cells contain thousands of proteins. Like tiny machines, they make your cells work. Your muscles, skin and bone contain protein. They also work as neurotransmitters and carry oxygen in your blood.

You need protein in your diet so that your body can grow. Your body also needs protein to help repair cells and make new ones. It’s also a source of energy. When protein enters your digestive system it gets broken down into amino acids. Your body needs enough of these to maintain you in good health. What is enough? About 20% of your daily food intake should be protein.

There are two types of protein, animal protein and plant-sourced protein. Examples of animal protein are meats, milk, fish and eggs. Plant sources of proteins are whole grains, pulses, beans, soy and nuts.

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