Lou Nanne was the Minnesota North Stars general manager from 1978 to 1988, during which time he not only maintained his own superstitions but imposed them on the team.

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Nanne would sit in the press box and not move a muscle so long as the team was winning, but if they were losing, he’d get up and find a new chair, circle it four times, and sit down. Repeat until successful. He also wore the same clothes to keep a win streak going and did everything the same day after day so long as the team was doing well. A loss changed everything.

As for the players, they were forced, in many ways, to follow along, as Brian Bellows, one of the stars, revealed. “If we’d win, we’d stay in the same hotel, eat the same food, wear the same jerseys, use the same bus driver, leave at the same time. He’d drive you crazy,” Bellows said of his general manager.

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