Louisa Johnson

I’m prepared for the worst side of fame’

Louisa Johnson on adjusting to life after X Factor and how Rita Ora prepared her in the best way possible

he has all the makings of the perfect pop princess with her striking looks and powerful voice, and after completing the crash course into the music industry that is The X Factor, Louisa Johnson is confident about how she’ll tackle the stresses that come with fame.

She says: âœI’ve been so lucky to have the success I have. It feels unreal because being a singer is something I have always dreamed of. I think I’ve always been ready to be a pop star. I’ve always been prepared for the worst [side of fame] even before I came on the show. I don’t care about being judged on my appearance, I will wear what I want. If I like it then I will wear it, if I don’t then I won’t! I’m not going to focus on what other people say, it doesn’t interest me. I’ve never been focused on that kind of stuff.â


Louisa, 17 – who wowed judges at her first audition with a pitch-perfect version of Who’s Lovin You, a song famously sung by The Jackson 5 – has her XFactor mentor Rita Ora to thank for her defiant attitude.

She adds: âœThe best thing Rita said to me is not to read anything that’s written about me, good or bad. It’s worked so far, so it’s the best bit of advice. Working with her was sick – I was so excited.

The X Factor was all about having fun.❠During the show, Louisa suffered a series of health setbacks – she was on voice rest just days before the final, as well as battling a sore throat weeks before.

Having fun with fellow finalists Reggie ‘N☠Bollie and Che Chesterman

And in November it emerged she’d split from boyfriend Ellis. Right now, though, a romance is definitely not on the cards. She says: âœI’m not even thinking about men at the moment. I’m only focusing on my singing.

I just want everything to be perfect.

I have good instincts, I know who I can trust and who I can’t.


With a bright career ahead, Louisa has her sights set on mirroring the success of other XFactor alumni, who include Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke and Little Mix.

She adds: âœI don’t know what is going to happen but I know where I would like to go. The show has given me confidence. I’ve learnt I can do things on my own and realise I can trust my own opinion.

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