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Warm-up foot massage It is always of great benefit to the patient if their feet are massaged right at the beginning of a reflexology treatment. This gives them time to get used to your touch, and to leave behind the cares of the day. Their overall mood is extremely important, and you should do your best to make sure that they are feeling relaxed. Give another massage at the end of the reflex work, and then at the end of the session.


Massage prepares the feet for reflex work it warms and relaxes the tissues, Low fade haircuts accustoms the receiver to your touch and soothes and relaxes the whole body. Massage will also loosen tensions in the muscles and stimulate the blood supply to and around the feet. Consequently, when the reflex points are worked the tissues will not be strained, and they will respond fully. Do not miss out this stage, as it is extremely important.

During treatment use plenty of massage to link the movement from one reflex area to the next, to soothe and relax the foot in between working the reflex points, which may produce sensations of tenderness, and use it where any tenderness or discomfort is found.

Oil and Massage Treatments

When you have covered all the reflex points end with a massage on both feet to instil a sense of deep relaxation. Use 2-3 drops of essential oils mixed in with some almond oil. Do not use the oil beforehand because once on your hands it will counter any accurate hand reflexology movements.

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