Luisa Zissman

Entrepreneur Luisa Zissman, 28, tells Closer how she and her partner plan to host a magical Christmas for all the family in their incredible Hertfordshire mansion

I do all of my Christmas shopping online.

I love for personalised gifts, Amazon for my five-year-old daughter Dixie’s toys, Zara for Mum and Harrods for beauty buys. Dixie’s asked for lots of things, but I’m going to try to tone down presents this year. More than anything for Christmas I’d really love a cookery course at Leiths Cookery School in London as a present. I don’t really need or want anything else. Last year, I got a saddle andbridleandI was so happy aboutthat. Anything horse-related makes me happy I’d rather have horses than diamonds.

Christmas Day always revolves around a long lunch. I’m going to cook a cockerel this year, instead of turkey, with all the trimmings. I always start the food prepping on Christmas Eve.

I love to make my own crackers. I fill them with mini fragrances and jokes to shock my guests! In the evening, we’ll play board games and have a snooze before nibbling on a round of sandwiches, only to do it all over again the next day in onesies, with leftovers and bubble and squeak!â


“We’re always entertaining and I’m kitted out for it.

I love my Sieger tumblers [left, with gold rim, approx £125 each].â

Luisa does Christmas from the comfort of her home

“I’ll cook for dinner parties of 10-12 people, but for bigger parties get caterers in.â

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