Lullaby Songs For Babies To Sleep

Lullaby Songs For Babies To Sleep

Alternative Sleep Cues

Your tiny baby learns that having a feed is the cue for falling asleep. Later on, you may want him to learn to fall asleep without a feed. The trick is to help him learn some alternative sleep cues. You could try tucking him in with a special toy, singing a lullaby, turning on his musical toy, sitting by his cot or popping in and out – whatever you both feel comfortable with, and will be happy to do for the next few months.

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A week or two before you want your baby to sleep without a feed, feed him in the usual way and then if he has already fallen asleep, rouse him gently and go through the sleep cues you want him to learn. Keep it simple and do the same thing every time. After a week, you can cut out the feed and your baby will still know its time for sleep, although he may take a few days to settle into the new routine. From then on try to avoid feeding your baby when he is tired, and use your alternative cues instead to get him to sleep.

Now Bernard is eight months old I am trying to get him to sleep through. I am doing this by not putting him to the breast when he wakes up – he is now offered water, and I walk him round until he goes off to sleep. The first three nights were hard. I was going to bed, getting up again a couple of hours later and not going to sleep again until 5am! But the last two nights he has not woken until 3am, and then only for an hour or so.

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