Make a Bow With Your Hair Back to School Down-Dos

Hey girls today. I have my last hairstyle in our down news series, and the is a nice little bow half-up half-down style you might have seen this around Pinterest or just the Internet in general, I’ve gotten. So many requests for it. So I decided that we should go ahead, and learn how to do it. So let’s get started you’re going to start by separating your hair in front of your ears on either side, and then just secure that out of the way for the time being then you’re going to separate your hair from kind of ear height up all the way around, and if you want to you can give it just a tiny bit of teasing to add some volume but you don’t have to then you’re going to go ahead, and push your hair up to create a little tiny bump that’s just going to create some dimension in the hairstyle, and then crisscross your pins to hold that in place now we’re going to pull around the hair from the front. So go ahead, and take your hair from one side comb it back, and then do the same on the other side now we’re going to join them together with the hair band.

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So go ahead, and start to win the hair into the hair band but on that last time through don’t pull the hair all the way through leave it in a little loop, and we’re going to use those loops to create our bow. So once you find our last little bit just leave a little bit hanging, and that is it for that step now we’re going to go ahead, and split that in half, and those two halves are going to create the two halves of our different bows. So you see we have our little loop, and you’re going to spy it in half, and pull it into the shape of a bow it’s going to really help to use a mirror for this part, and then you’re going to go ahead, and just pin the bow part against your head for some added drama you can go ahead, and try to flare out the end of that. So it’s kind of a triangle shape, and it’ll make the bowl of a little bit bigger then take a small piece of hair, and wind it between your head, and the hair band. Because you’ve got a hair band there you’re going to have a little bit of space.

So it shouldn’t be too hard to go ahead, and pull that little bit of hair through then once you’ve got that through you are done you’ve got your cute little half-up half-down bow hairstyle it’s super duper easy, and it’s really adorable. So I hope you guys try this out, and send me pictures if you do. I hope that you guys like this, and all of you guys who are requesting it. I hope the is what you were looking for. So that’s it, and then, I’ll going to go ahead, and link the rest of my posts that, I’ve done in this series. So you guys want to check out some more quick back-to-school hairstyles, I’ll be back later with more tutorials be sure to check back and, I’ll see you then you.

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