How To Make Your Curls Hairstyle Last Multiple Days

So, a lot of you have been asking about how I get my curls to last multiple days. Well today, I’m gonna share my tips and tricks on how I get my hair to last into day two, and even day three. You can mix and match whatever of these steps that you like into your routine, and definitely think you guys will be enjoying your curls more with these steps. Let’s get started. First, add hold before your curls. Adding some hold before curls tends to work better than hairspray for me, and it’s definitely more touchable.

You can use primer, mousse, or a heat protectant that has hold. Second, use a curling iron that is one quarter inch smaller than you normally would. Your curls are definitely gonna loosen up a bit overnight, so one and a quarter inch curls are my favorite, but on day one I start with one inch curls, because they’re still very pretty and they’re gonna loosen up to a beautiful carefree wave. Third, leave your ringlets to cool. Curls set when they are cool, so don’t mess with those awkward looking ringlets until they’re cool to the touch. Then, you can break them apart. Fourth, go light on the product. A light mist of hairspray, pomade, or texturizing spray will hold your curls. But if you go overboard, you’re in for frizz and gunk on your second day.

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Fifth, set it to sleep. I have two go-to sleep styles. First is the braid. I braid my hair loosely and I secure it with a wide, flat elastic. Then, you just slide that elastic to the end of your hair and enjoy some Zs. Second, I love a quick bun. You can just sweep your hair on top of your head, twist it very loosely, and secure the end with a clip. And then, you are ready to sleep. And finally, the morning refresh. Once you take your hair out of your braid or down from your bun, you can use some dry shampoo if you need it. Use your fingers to rake through your curls and assess the situation. I typically add some serum to smooth my ends, and texturizing spray for volume, but use what products you need to address your hair’s second day needs. And now, your curls are ready to go on their second day. And there you go, those are my tricks for curls that last into the second day. I hope these help you out so that you have curls that last days, and days, and days. I hope you enjoyed this Post.

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