How To Make Easy Make-Up Daily?

Do not worry about the warm pink tones on your lips, and use a lipstick with the same tip to fill the inside with a lip pencil to draw the frame. The waxy texture of the lipstick will prevent the flow of lipstick or fill the fine lines on the lip.

Avoid matte foundations that will make dull skins clear.

Apply less foundation to the edges of your eyes, otherwise you can draw attention to the goose legs there.

Do not use liquid eyeliner. Apply a brush or pencil or dust-free brush.

Avoid glare from the mica-containing glare, gilding can fill your wrinkles.

The make-up of young people between the ages of 1319 should be aimed not at closing but at enhancing. Tissue, color and glitter, your youth is your greatest trinket! These ages are ideal for experimenting! In your makeup, choose the products that you can apply with your fingertips, from simplicity and naturalness.

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Transparent, clear and pastel colors are easy to apply and will make it easier to remove a possible fault.

Only use the foundation to close a color inequality if it is present, and make sure that you have thoroughly drained it. Use powder pom-pon to secure the foundation and shake off the excess pon- done before driving.

Apply a glowing brow over your eyelid. Use your fingertips or an applicator with a sponge tip.

By rotating the brush in a circular and outward motion, you can color your face with only your creamy fingertips. For a natural look, apply your fingertips with your fingertips, starting from the point of your sidewall that corresponds to the center of your eye.

To provide extra clarity to your upper and lower eyelashes, brush the eyebrows slightly upward and then longitudinally to brush the stubborn hair.

Apply a cream of good quality to your lips and then remove the dead or dry skin cells with a soft toothbrush. Rub your lipstick with your fingertips; press one of your lips to activate the pigments. A very twinkle can make your lips focus on your face, but do not forget that any very bright makeup material will require frequent retouching.


Do not use a magnifying mirror, it just annoys you!

Stay away from the heavily formulated foundations, the fashion is over now! Try and be wrong, you can always wash your face.

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