Make it or Break it L’Oreal SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heat spray

With another making or break up Monday, and today, I’ll going to be reviewing the LOreal sleek it iron straight heat spray essentially the is a conditioning heat protestant, and the company has a couple things it does first of all it says that it provides three day sleek hair second of all it has four hundred, and fifty degree protection third of all it works on any kind of heat styling tool fourth of all it calms frizz it seals shine, and blocks humidity, and it conditions remember it all for the application of the is really simple you simply spray it from the nozzle onto your hair it can be used on wet hair or dry hair to be used with your hair dryer your flat iron your curling iron your crimper whatever he would possibly want to be using it with within the application. I think we need to talk about the way that this nozzle works. I think it has a really great mist that just kind of disperses over the hair it does end up making your hair feel a little bit wet but. I just brush it through, and after a couple brush strokes it’s pretty much gone like that wet feeling has gone in my hair is dry again, and it’s ready for heat styling. So you do want to make sure to give it a little bit of time to dry but that dry time that it needs isn’t very long compared to some other heat protestant sprays that, I’ve tried.

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So then we need to evaluate the claims that the company makes about this product the first claim is that it gives you a three day sleek style now. I think there’s a little bit of ambiguity there, I’ll not sure if that means that it’s three days like frizz free or if it’s three days where your hair doesn’t really lose its style for. I think the client that they’re going for with this spray is somebody that has maybe thick wavy or curly hair that wants to straighten their hair, and have it stay straight, and pretty for three days until they wash it again. And I think that this would definitely help that person out but. I don’t know that the is quite heavy enough are quite effective enough to promise three days however. I think the first day is amazing, and the second day is still really good it’s just not quite to that three day mark Id also like to point out that. I use this heat protestant spray on this side of my head. And I use a different one on this side just. So you guys would have something to compare it to, and you can see that these curls have held much better than these did. I actually didn’t expect to have this much of a difference, and feel a little funny looking right now. Because they do look. So different. So I think it definitely does help to hold your style there’s no crunch you can’t feel it on your hair at all but it definitely did do something to help maintain my curls versus this one that just kind of fell apart as soon as. I ran my fingers through it that can claim that it has is to have degree protection. I haven’t tested it to the full extent of that. Because. I usually use my devices within like to degrees but it does a good job on that. Because the thing is. I heat style my hair a lot. And I can definitely tell if, I’ll using kind of a subpar he protected my hair gets a lot like frizzier, and dryer looking a lot faster, and this one has helped me over the last couple weeks. Because, I’ve been heat styling a lot um, and it’s still looking really nice like it’s keeping my hair very nice looking, and as far as. I can tell it’s doing its job third claim is that it works with any heat styling tool absolutely. And I think that’s something that you could probably say of any heat protestant it’s not unique to this one but it is a good thing to note that you could use this with a flat iron or a curling iron whichever way you want to use it just leave it at has like four things within the one claim which is kind of a lot but the first thing that it says is that helps to tame phrase or calm frizz.

I think it does a good job of that without weighing my hair down, and if my fine hair doesn’t get way back down by then you’re probably safe is that it seals, and shine. I think it definitely does that you would expect to conditioning heat protestant to do that. I even think like, I’ll looking at my monitor right now, and it looks like this side is more shinier more shiny gosh grammar. So yes. I think he did that very well blocks humidity. I sadly have not had a chance to test that out we are in like winter wonderland mode right now, and everything is super dry. So I haven’t had a chance to test it on humidity. So I don’t know, and finally claims that it conditions your hair it definitely makes my hair feel very soft it adds that shine to it, and that’s all set that comes with conditioning. So I would say yes it does condition your hair. So now it’s time for my thoughts the first thing that. I look for when. I try a protective spray is that. I don’t want it to do any of the things that. I hate. So, I’ll looking forward to the absence of things that. I don’t like the things that. I don’t like are terrible application. I don’t like it when it weighs my hair down. And I don’t like it when. I can feel it on my hair. Because there have been some that. I tried that are essentially hair sprays, and they feel like donkey, and crispy there’s some that are oils that make my hair feel greasy don’t like that. So basically. I wanted to see if it did any of those that. I don’t like, and in short it did not it has. I think a great application. I really like the nozzle it doesn’t feel gunky on my hair at all like.

I can’t even feel it my hair just feels really soft, and conditioned, and nice, and through the ball it doesn’t whip my hair down. I think it actually helps my hair to hold curls from one day to the next. So I really do like it as far as that goes. I like that it’s not doing any of the things that. I hate. So it’s not bothering me at all. So that’s actually a good point toward it reservations about this product first of all. I don’t think it’s going to give you like three days of silky straight hair if you have like thick wavy hair, and you’re trying to like flat iron your hair once, and never touch it again. I don’t know that the is the product for you however if you do have that hair type, and you are straightening your hair. I think this will give you a great first day, and probably still a really pretty second day and, I’ll just not sure about like the end of the second day slash the third day like a day, and a half, I’ll like % sure would be fantastic on any hair texture after that, I’ll not completely certain. So I do think it’s a good thing for you to try. I just don’t know if you really want to like bank on that whole like three days of sleekness, and Fred’s freeness on it. I think it really gives great results even if it doesn’t give you the three days that you’re looking for. I don’t know that there’s a lot of products out there that will. So I mean it’s up to you if that’s really important to you then you can keep looking for a different product that would give you a little bit more um but if you are just wanting a good heat protestant that. I recommend from the drugstore the is my V protestant of choice from the drugstore right now. So there you go, and that’s it. I would say the is a make it. I guess, I’ll doing that now it’s a make it product yet. I hope you guys have enjoyed this. I will see you guys tomorrow with my next quick hairstyle well bye.

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