Make it or Break it Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

With another make-it-or-break-it Monday today we’re reviewing the macadamia natural deep repair mask the is essentially just a deep conditioner that’s meant to be both reparative restorative, and add a lot of shine, and condition to your hair on the back of the packaging the prep on the back of the packaging the company claims that this product penetrates, and rebuilds the hair that it improves shine, and it improves elasticity it causes no way down, and it leaves hair silky, and conditioned application is fairly straightforward it essentially replaces your everyday conditioner. So you would apply it as you would with your conditioner through the ends of your hair fairly liberally, and then you allow it to sit on your hair for up to seven minutes what’s that son you go ahead, and rinse it out, and that’s it on the packaging the company does recommend that you use this product twice a week however for me. I end up using it once a week just. Because my hair is more fine, and if. I were to use it twice a week. I would be worried about a little bit too much way down on my hair now we have to evaluate whether this product actually does what the company says that it does, and the first claim is that it penetrates, and rebuilds the hair now that is a little bit difficult to evaluate but. I would say that since, I’ve been using this product it’s been. I think about two months now that, I’ve been using it. And I can definitely see a difference, and it’s definitely a cumulative difference. Because with this product you see a difference the first thing that you use it you kind of feel softer healthier shiny hair but as you continue to use it you notice that your hair is healthier at least. I have. I have some areas on my hair there were a lot more dry, and brittle that were kind of breaking more easily things like that and, I’ve noticed that those areas have gotten a lot better since using this product, and that was really the only thing that.

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I changed in my hair care. So I would attribute it to this product, and. Because of that. I would say that it definitely does help to repair the hair, and kind of penetrate, and rebuild the hair just like the company says however. I don’t know how much you could expect it to do that my kind of wear, and tear on my hair was kind of a moderate amount. And I would say that it would definitely help severely over processed hair. I wouldn’t expect it to take your hair from extremely damaged to extremely healthy. I was it definitely does make a difference in your hair, and make it at least a little bit healthier if not significantly healthier. I can clean the look up has about this product is that it improves shine. I think this product is a very good job of that you definitely see a lot more shine on your hair right after using this then prior to using it definitely see a difference when. I use this versus when. I use a usual conditioner the nice clean the company makes is that it helps your hairs elasticity now. I actually did not realize how was the claims of the product made. So I didn’t evaluate my hairs elasticity when. I started using it your hairs elasticity basically refers to the stretch that your individual hair fibers have your hair what it’s really healthy can stretch % past it’s like resting length which is fairly impressive, and that really just happens was really healthy hair um my hair tends to actually at least right now it has very good elasticity, and basically the way that. I evaluate that on a daily bas is how my hair reacts to brushing, and styling if it breaks very easily. I know the elasticity isn’t there. Because it doesn’t have the resilience to withstand brushing or styling um. So that’s kind of how. I evaluated if my hair is breaking a lot, and breaking very easily. I know that it needs some more TLC however my hair has not needed any more TLC recently it’s done very well. I actually noticed that the other day um without even thinking about this without even knowing that. I was going to have to think about my hair Celestin City. I just remembered noticing like oh my hair staying really good like, I’ve been styling a lot it’s been fine you know with February this month, I’ve it was a little bit concerned for it but it’s been fine. So I would at least say that this does not hurt your hair’s elasticity. I don’t know if it’s improved my but.

I know that mine is at a very good place right now. So it at least feel comfortable saying that it at least maintains if not makes better your hairs elasticity exclaimed accompany mix is that there is no way down, and the is where, I’ll going to have a little bit of a disagreement with macadamia oil here. Because my hair gets really weighed down by this product it actually is to the point where. I have to kind of plan like after. I take my shower with this stuff. I have to just be like okay. So, I’ll not going to curl my hair for another two days. Because my hair will not hold the curl once, I’ve used this whatsoever. So I completely disagree. I think this definitely weighs my hair down however little caveat on that. I have very fine hair. I have a lot of hair but. I had very fine hair and. So my hair is kind of prone to weigh down. So if you have thicker hair or more porous hair you would we be okay using this, and not experience way down or at least there’s a good chance for that. Because. I know there are a lot of girls here on YouTube that have thick hair, and use this on like a shower to shower basis, and they can still curl their hair. So it’s clearly something that is unique to my hair texture but it definitely is something to be aware of if you have a similar texture to me. Because you know, I’ll having trouble with weigh down whenever. I use this product. So people with fine hair or thin hair would really struggle to use this product last kind the company makes is that it leaves your hair silky, and conditioned, and if there was any way that. I could let you like reach through the camera, and like feel how soft my hair is after. I use this stuff. I would. Because it’s incredible. And I was trying to think of ways that. I could demonstrate it on camera to show you guys but there was really no way to demonstrate the feel of the hair but even my husband noticed when. I started using this of how soft my hair is, and he loves the smell of this too by the way it’s got a great um my thinking it’s like vanilla musky scent nope it’s like coconut it’s like vanilla, and coconut that’s what it is but anyway it’s got a great scent it leaves your hair really soft very conditioned feeling. I mean that’s probably one of my favorite things about this product is feeling how soft my hair is after. I use it. So we’re going to finish off with my thoughts, and you guys know if you’ve been on YouTube for a while the is a cult product like lots, and lots of people swear by this stuff, and people are always curious about it that haven’t tried it. Because it’s fairly expensive for what it is, and you want to know that it’s worth it before you try it my overall experience with this has been mixed you guys can tell at least from what. I said.

So far that, I’ve had a good experience with it this time around but. I tried it two years ago. And I wasn’t a fan of it, and the reason was that. I think at least at the time my hair was very healthy. And I wasn’t you know. I wasn’t heat styling it as much. I hadn’t ever colored it yet. I had very soft water in my shower. So my hair just in general was in a very healthy place whereas now my hair is a little bit more damaged you know it’s had a lot more heat styling over the years and, I’ve colored it, and there are some places that have been bleached, and it just needs a little bit more TLC, and now. Because my hair is in a place where it needs it this has actually been really good. Because my actually needs some repairing now. So it’s actually effective now, and that makes sense to me. So I would go ahead, and say that like if your hair is already fairly healthy like it’s doing well you probably don’t need this but if your hair maybe is damaged from a lot of heat styling or you’ve colored it a lot or it’s been through a lot of chemical processing of some kind this will probably be really helpful for you, and would probably be good on your hair like. I said if you have very fine hair is definitely going to weigh your hair down if you have very thin hair you might want to avoid this one. Because. I think it would cause too much weigh down on thin hair but overall like. I said. I keep coming back to this. Because. I really like the results. I think that it’s worth the money. Because it really is making a difference in my hair, and that’s why. I think is such a cult favorite on YouTube is that you see those results right after you use it like you see that your hair is shiny, and it feels conditioned, and it feels super soft, and this smells good, and that’s great but. I think the biggest thing is that you keep seeing results, and you see keep seeing your hair becoming healthier, I’ll sure there’s a point at which like this does as much as it’s going to do but at least it can help to maintain that your hair is held at that point. So that’s why. I like it is just. Because. I can see that it’s making a difference on my hair, and it continues to make a difference on my hair. So that’s why. I think about it overall it’s make it product for me. I really enjoy it. I do think it’s pricey for what it is but. I think that it’s worth it. Because it does a really good job. And I am continuing to look for really good stuff in the drugstore that. I can recommend for you guys, and if you have a drugstore new conditioner that you really love feel free to tell me about it in the comments cut. I would love to hear it that’s it for today’s make-it-or-break-it Monday. I will see you guys tomorrow with my next post.

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