Make-up according to face line

Make-up according to face line

It is possible to reshape the face. It is possible to make a square, long, round or oval face with a good make-up, careful eye.

The face can be made tall by increasing the height of the forehead and the length of the nose. Shrinking the face by shading the edges of the forehead and cheeks will make it long at the same time. A pointed beard or a long narrow beard in the environment has the same effect.

To make a long face less tall, follow the instructions for the wide face below.

To make a face look wider, you can do the exact opposite of lengthing. Lower and shorten the jaw, light the edges of the forehead and cheeks, shorten the nose, shorten and enlarge the hair. Making the eyebrows more distant will also help. Close your eyebrows with latex, redraw, or close certain areas to make eyebrows distant.

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To make a face more square, the face should be opposite to the jokes. This can be done by illuminating the temples by sketching the hair line, if necessary to keep it away from the edges (if more hair needs to be sketched). It is usually better to use a wig to close the natural hairline.

It can also be illuminated on the edges, if necessary, the chin can be further squared sometimes to make it wider. A square cut beard can help.

If the face is visible longer than the width, follow the advice given for the wide face.
By rounding a square face you can make it look less square.

Follow the stated principles to round out a young face and keep it youthful. The effect of the roundness is brought to the square with a high light, which is made round in the center of the side. All angles must be soft and the shadow must be very thin. The effect of roundness can usually be achieved by rounding out areas of the face or different features.

In addition, the effect of roundness provided by makeup can often be improved with hair styling.

A natural round face should not be made weak. The same technique can be used to age a round face. Can be used to fill sponges or absorbent cloth cheeks. The technique is the same as aging. This technique is only determined as a possibility and is recommended as an ideal result for any problem encountered when making the player’s face round. In this section we concentrated on make-up for face, neck and hands. Mold makeup can be used for small areas. But body makeup is usually more practical to cover large areas.

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