Hey all, Welcome back my beautiful friends. So today’s post is another smokey eye. But this one is different. Because it has a beautiful green blue color to it.

So I’ve parted up with preen dot me and make forever and they sent me a box of different goodies that, I could play with and, I decided to create this beautiful look for you guys this is using their artist shade palette number two and the colors you crave this next step is optional, I do it all the time. If you watch my posts you know I’d love prime my eyelids. Because, I do live in a warmer climate and it just helps my eyeshadow stay put all day long without creasing or smudging next is the eyeliner and I’m using the artist liner collection in the color s20 satiny navy blue and these eyeliners are. So creamy and they last all day long. But they do set quite quick. So you have to work with them pretty fast. So basically what, I did was just apply a very messy line right on top of my upper lash line.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette 2 SMOKY EYE TUTORIAL Photo Gallery

So what I’m gonna do is just smudge the eyeliner with this japonesque smudger brush and 3:41 just take that brush and, I just very quickly just smudge the eyeliner away. Because it does set quick and this eyeliner will give that blue intensity when, I do apply the eyeshadow on top the palette I’m using today is the artist shape palette and number two colors you crave and what makeup ever did is they created a three different columns the eye shadow from light to dark where you can create three different looks or just use all the shape shoots together. So today I’ll be actually using the middle column with the beautiful blue and green colors the first color is number and III OH – peacock taking the same smudger brush by japonesque, I just started building gradually the color from my lash line all the way up to make please you want to do this very gradually. Because this color is a very pigmented and. If you go crazy all at once you will get those recognized. So just build very gradually and slowly all the way up to your crease and then to help blend this color I’m gonna take that lighter color in the middle column this is the color crystalline gray beige the number D by five – taking a small blending brush I’m gonna start right in the inner corner and then just start blending towards the outer corner and just it just works very beautifully together when you blend these two colors. Because I’m going for that smokey look, I will take another bigger blending brush with no color added and just start blending and smoking out the colors even more once you get the smokiness level that, I want I’m actually gonna add that beautiful turquoise blue shade me2 32 with mac 242 brush adding this blue color will just add a beautiful pop of color right in the middle of your eyelid and then with that same blending brush just blend out the colors together.

Because it’s look is. So smoky and bold I’m actually going to apply false lashes. But first I’m gonna use their smoky lash mascara just to coat my lashes once before, I applied the falsies the lashes that, I used were our dal glamoring 101 Demi next is the lower eyelash and portion. So what, I did, I took that same eyeliner and just lined my waterline and a little bit below and then took the same japonesque smudger brush with the color peacock and then just start to smudge in my lower lash line with the eyeliner. Because this is a very smoky look I’m gonna smoke out my bottom lashes even more. So I’m gonna take a smaller precision brush by Sephora number 61 and then just smoke out the bottom shadow with the top shadow just blending it all together next is the foundation. So this foundation is actually their new formula for their HD foundation.

But this is the ultra, I can actually make another separate post for you guys reviewing this foundation and I’m using their foundation straight brush in the number 108 color that, I have on right now is why two to five or in the older formula it was 117. So keep that in mind when you do purchase foundation it’s different shades next is the concealer this is Maya one of my all-time favorites it cosmetics bye bye under-eye concealer in the shade natural medium it is. So lightweight but. So pigmented and it just lasts all day long and it seriously feels like, I have nothing on my face it is amazing once, I blend out the concealer I’m gonna set it with one of my favorite powders by NARS there a little setting powder and. If you guys want to see my contouring highlighting post click on that little icon in the top right corner and it will take you right there to highlight my brow bone I’m actually gonna take that beautiful pearly pink eye shadow color in the palette. Because the eyes are. So bold and smoky, I want our lips to be not as crazy somewhat more the more neutral nude lip color the cars that, I chose were Estee Lauder desirable and remote area, I love mixing these two lipstick colors together.

Because one is more Pinker and the other is more nude and when, I mixed they just look beautiful together and that’s it for my makeup look. But you guys think, I really really loved working with these colors together. Because it brought out my natural green eyes and, I don’t know, I just looked a very pretty and plus these shadows were. So easy to work with they’re. So creamy and beautiful buttery texture also. If you guys want to know what I’m all about, I actually started a postging blog with my husband click on the link down below in the description box and it will take you right there and we would appreciate. If you guys subscribe to us checked our posts share them like them whatever.

But. If you guys like it let us know we’ll keep making more posts. But until next time thank you for reading my post you.

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