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OPI’s newest muse is cartoon character and Japanese cultural icon Hello Kitty. Celebrating all things happy, cute, colourful and sweet‚, the 12-strong limited-edition collection of lacquers and matching Gel Color has many options for lovers of pink. From baby to strawberry and bubblegum with glitter and shimmer sprinkled into the mix, there are also some other paintbox brights. We love the full-on pink sparkle of Starry-eyed for Dear Daniel.

Micro Exfoliation Scrub 56 g (2 oz.) Hydrating Heel Treatment 56 g (2 oz.) Extended Massage Lotion 56 ml (2 oz.) 1-Pair White Pedicure Slippers 1-Pair White Pedicure Toe Separators

Providing the benefits of pristine oils, vitamin E and extracts. Featuring the scents of Pomegranate & Fig, Milk & Honey and Tuscan Citrus & Herb.

It applies to another employer that they have heard about and, incorrectly, they assume it applies to all staff in every business. Here are just a few of the most common misunderstandings.

Working hours

MYTH: You can require staff to report to work half an hour early and not pay them.

FACT: If they are required to be at work it is working time and must be paid.

MYTH: If staff work on a Sunday or a bank holiday they have to get a higher rate of pay.

FACT: Any higher pay rate is discretionary.

MYTH: You can’t require staff to work on bank holidays. FACT: You can if they normally work on that day of the week.

MYTH: Staff have to be given two breaks if they work 10 hours a day.

FACT: The only rule is a minimum of 20 minutes after six hours.

Holidays and pay receive 28 days’ paid holiday. This doesn’t necessarily include all eight bank holidays. For example, Monday may already be the employee’s day off, or you might open.

MYTH: If staff agree to it, they can be paid for holidays instead of having time off.

FACT: No, holidays are for health and safety purposes to ensure employees have a rest.

MYTH: If a contract is for minimum eight hours a week but the therapist usually works full time then you only have to give them eight hours’ pay when they take a week’s holiday. FACT: they should receive the rate of pay they would have received had they worked.

MYTH: Staff don’t accrue holidays in their probationary period.

FACT: This isn’t the law but you could draw up a contract that says staff can’t take holidays in their probation.

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