Makeup Color For Fall 2017

Wake up prettier! Younger skin, shinier hair, stronger nails—the latest brilliant products are designed to work while you sleep, when your cells naturally go into restore-and-repair mode. These deliver overnight success— with minimal prep work.

FOR EASY TOUSLED WAVES, like the ones above, try this quick trick: Take a shower before bed, then weave damp hair into one low, loose braid (two side braids will give you tighter waves). In the morning, unbraid, muss with your fingers, spritz on a shine-enhancing spray, and go. A cellulite-free bum Lierac Body Slim Night ($59; targets the dimpled skin with time-released caffeine and collagen-revving peptides, minimizing that dreaded cottage cheese look.

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A youthful radiance Skin renewal kicks into overdrive while you sleep, making it the best time for a supercharged mask treatment. Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask Smooth skin Packed with 12 gently exfoliating AHAs—including glycolic, lactic, and citric acids—Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment ($45; resurfaces and softens the appearance of fine lines.

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