To rehydrate tired skin and replenish moisture, try a luxurious heated milk-and-honey body wrap at your favourite spa or salon. Honey acts as a natural humectant, and the warm treatment will leave aching muscles thoroughly relaxed.



When you‚ „re crossing time zones, you may start to notice that things get a little fuzzy. Whether you‚ „re feeling dizzy or just plain exhausted, the lack of synchronization between your inner and outer world can bring you into a strange headspace.

The best way to deal with jet lag is to not get it. Put yourself on the time of your destination as soon as you are on the flight. When it hits the time that you should be sleeping, start to close your eyes. Think to yourself, I am free of jet lag. The mind is a very powerful thing. Our experiences are an outer manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs, and what we plug into can determine how we react.

You can say this many times in your head, even if you start out not believing it. It can help to reprogram your attitude. Be mindful of your body, even if it is smushed into an airplane chair. Breathe in and out. Try not to predict what your trip will be like or review the work that you still need to do.

Find one part of your body that is relaxed (it could be your nose). Focus your energy on this area for as long as possible, returning to it when you get distracted. As you tune in, try to imagine spreading this relaxation to different parts of your body. Don‚ „t rush yourself and expect that this can be done within minutes. If you have a long flight, you also have a long time to meditate. Even if you can‚ „t sleep, meditation can help to make up for some of the deficiency. Without that pesky jet lag, you can enjoy your new location even sooner. Bon voyage!

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