More important than the type of facial you opt for, though, is the facialist herself. Do not walk in for a salon facial without an appointment. Talk to someone who gets facials regularlyâ”although you should keep in mind that one woman’s dream facial is another woman’s nightmare. Call a salon and speak to the facialist before booking a time. You will want to know that the person is well trained. Inquire where she received training and if she has some sort of training certificate. A certificate is not required by law but may be an indication of her level of expertise. Ask how long she has been at it. A few weeks or months is not long enough. Does she also do manicures and pedicures? The best facialists will have no time for anything else. Ask what the format of the facial isâ”how long it will take, what products are used, etc. What you don’t want is a facialist who puts a mask on your face and then disappears for twenty minutes.
My favorite kind of facial is soothing and healing. I like a facialist whose hands do not leave me for the entire session. While my mask is on, she might do a gentle neck and shoulder massage or a moisturizing massage for my hands or feet.


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