Makeup colours for different skin tones

What are the courses that The Lash Academy offers and who is it for? met the requirements ofthe international exams standards set by industry professionals. For existing beauty and spa owners, they can provide an additional service to their existing clients, which would result in an increase in profit rofits.

Tell us more about the course’s program structure. How long will the course take?

We offer a flexible course structure. Typically, our professional certification course requires the learner to complete a minimum of 30 hours for training. The training can be done over consecutive days or on a weekly basis.

How does the course at The Lash Academy stand out from the other eyelash extension trainings that are available in the market? 5 offer a range of courses that filler to learners with no knowledge of the skill as wel professionals who wish to learn in a more adv a need level with new techniques in the industry. The Our academy and its courses are the only ones courses are suitable for people who are already in Singapore that are accredited by the Korea in the beauty industry, such as beauty therapists. Lash Association nail technicians or hair stylists. It is also great for people who wish to take up a new skill and start their own business.

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