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Hi, who here wear glasses? Today I will be showing you how to still look pretty with glasses on Let’s start with brows! we want our brow shape to suit the glasses To make it balance, if our frame is thicker, we want our brows to look thicker too and vice versa Since my glasses shape is a bit boxy, I want my brow to have a little bit of arch If your glasses is rounder, try to draw a straighter brow so it balance out our face I am using cream shadow or contour stick as my base to help the eyeshadow more pop out This will help the makeup look more smokey and heavy Today I’m using Canmake eyeshadow from Goldenlaceshop Use the medium brown colour on my whole lid We want it to look like a half moon shape, just apply it like this Mix the soft brown and orangey colour to blend the eyeshadow that we just applied.

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We want to blend it until there is no harsh line Blending is very important, if not our eyeshadow will look uneven Take the dark brown colour and apply it on the outer corner It will helps our eyes look deeper We want to balance out our eyes, so apply the dark brown on the lower lash line Apply the black eyeliner on the lower lash line so it looks more smoky Try to use the waterproof one so it won’t smudge easily If you are looking for a good quality liquid eyeliner, I recommend this one from Euforia The brush tip is really thin, easy to draw a precise line. It’s very black and waterproof too This is like a dupe for Dolly Wink one If I don’t use fake lashes, my eyeliner need to be thicker if not it’s not visible As always, I’m drawing a winged eyeliner.

Makeup Looks to Wear With Glasses

Because I think it suits my eyes really well If you mess up with it, use a cotton bud to clean the edges To be honest, I still can’t draw a very neat eyeliner because I have an uneven eyelid Curl the lashes and apply mascara The longer the lashes, the prettier this makeup will be My lashes are naturally thin and short, so yeah, whatever Take the dark brown colour to blend the eyeliner so it connects beautifully with the upper eyeliner Take the white shimmery colour to highlight the brow bone and inner eye corner so that out makeup look cleaner and brighter.

We’ve done with the eye makeup, now let’s move on with the foundation I’m using Giorgio Armani no 4 I’m choosing this foundation because it’s semi matte so it won’t make our face become oily and it’s super long lasting too Try to not applying too much so it won’t look cakey I’m blending it with this real techniques miracle sponge Tbh, After having this sponge, I seldom use the brushes anymore because I like the result of this sponge Taking my YSL Illuminator to brighten my under eye and highlight my nose bridge You can use all the products that you’ve already owned, no need to use all the same products as mine This sponge is very multi-functional, I use it to blend my concealer as well because It really make the concealer look more even and flawless on our skin.

This is my favourite I always wear glasses so it left the mark on my nose I’m gonna contour my face Honestly, this colour is too dark for my skin but it’s such waste if I don’t use it It’s not very creamy so it’s quite hard to blend at the end, It’s easier to use my fingers to blend and clean up using the sponge Apply some blush on the cheeks to make my face look fresh Don’t apply too much, try to use a soft and natural colour Our focus is on our eyes today, so we don’t want our blushes to compete with the eyes For the lip tint, I use the Laneige water drop tint in Soft apricot The colour is so pretty, I like it so much it’s not sticky and it feels moisturised on the lips. It smells like a peach too! You can use any nude lipstick like the Kylie’s one but I prefer this kind of colour Lastly, set our makeup with a loose powder and apply it on the area that tend to look oily This is how it looks I really like this makeup look because actually it’s quite heavy but with glasses on, it doesn’t look too intense or overdone I hope you guys like this post, don’t forget to like and comment to my blog See you guys in my next post.

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